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This is my 6th Summer of racing triathlon. I have now completed 3 Ironmans under my belt, Florida 2009, Coeur d'Alene 2010, and most recently Ironman Wisconsin on 9/11/11. I love my family and I love my sport and everything they have both done for me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009



I’m done with my last long ride – did that last Sunday. I rode with a buddy for the first 3 hours – it’s amazing how much faster the time passes when you can draft and talk while you’re riding J . I did a little less than 5 and a half hours out of a scheduled 6. I figure 3 rides of 5 + hours should do it. This weekend is 1:30 swim, 3:00 bike, and 1:30 run on Saturday, and 1:00 bike on Sunday. I suppose I should start to feel “rested” soon. I guess there’s all that waiting to do now. I’m kind of excited – I’ll probably drive everyone around me nuts the next couple of weeks, but they’ll deal J. I’ll save all the poetic speech ifying for race week – I’ll touch base soon. Take care all!!

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