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This is my 6th Summer of racing triathlon. I have now completed 3 Ironmans under my belt, Florida 2009, Coeur d'Alene 2010, and most recently Ironman Wisconsin on 9/11/11. I love my family and I love my sport and everything they have both done for me.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The day before

This is the big pre-race thank you speech so prepare yourselves :-)

Well it's about 2:30 on Friday, November 6, the day before the race. There's absolutely nothing left I can do to prepare physically. I did a short swim behind my condo this morning, followed by a 30 minute spin and a 15 minute run. After eating, I proceeded to get my bike and run gear bags ready, as well as the bike itself. After taking my time getting everything in order, I took my bike and gear bags and checked them in to transition. I will see them next at about 5:30 in the morning or so. It seems like yesterday I was here volunteering with the intent of signing up for this year. Well a year has passed, and here I am!! I don't have any overwhelming feeling of nervousness yet - I'm assuming that will happen when I wake up and try and choke down my much needed pre-race breakfast - the same one I eat before every single race. We'll make our way down to the race start, I'll add a couple things to my bike gear bag - race number belt and pills, get my nutrition and fluids ready to go on my bike, then I'll air up my tires, hang around the porta potties for a while, then sit around and wait - same as every race.

I've kind of been thinking about the sacrifices that have been made over the past year. Not only by me, but mostly by those around me and close to me. The ironman is not a solo journey, not by a long shot. It is a family sacrifice. My family has done just that. I don't know how much time and money has been spent on racing, traveling, eating, new bike toys :-), and countless weekends away from home. How much of Leah's life has revolved around me and my racing? A whole lot of it would be the answer. I can't thank everyone enough for all the sacrifices that have been made so I can do this, especially her. Hopefully, you will all be rewarded when I cross the finish line. I don't really know what I'll do when I cross the finish line - it depends on how much energy I have left I guess - I'm guessing it won't be too dramatic - I'll probably make it up right before I do it. And lastly, I don't want to get too sentimental, but I know mom will be watching my every arm stroke, pedal stroke, and stride - of which there will be many!! This one's for you mom!!

And when I'm done, I am going to eat something I shouldn't. I'd love to make it back to the finish line for the midnight finishers - cause finishing the ironman is cool - but when you finish in the last half hour of the race, you are the center of attention and a rockstar. Again, we'll see how I feel. I might take the day after the race off too :-) So the next entry you'll see from me will be my race report. Follow along tomorrow on the internet - talk you you all after the race.

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